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141,000 valentines for transit agency staff

From: we who ride the bus. To: those who run them.

February 14, 2023

We love them because they’re kind-hearted and reliable. Their door is always open, rain or shine. They might not let us ride shotgun, but they always show up.

And who else — truly who else — could watch us walk down the aisle… again and again, day after day… us, not even bothering to wear a bridal gown or even a bowtie, without asking questions!?!?!

This Valentine’s Day, Transit riders are sending good vibes to their transit agency staff. They’re also sending them (virtual) flowers and chocolates. We considered upping the ante with a bottle of Krug, but we couldn’t track down any pixels from the Champagne region of France.

Since Saturday, more than 141,000 riders have thanked their driver whenever they tap GO within Transit. They’ve been able to articulate their gratitude in IRL, and in a virtual V-Day way:

We’ve telegrammed the valentines to the relevant transit agencies and unions so they can deliver the warm fuzzies on riders’ behalf.

To all the bus drivers, train conductors, and transit agency staff: thank you for picking us up, showing us our city in ways we’ve never seen, connecting us with loved ones, and having such devotion to our locomotion.

We see you. We love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Transit
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