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Haillelujah: you can now hail a Téo Taxi with Transit

The electric way to get downtown from the airport — and all over Montreal. ⚡️

July 19, 2018

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You take the Métro to work. You take a BIXI to brunch. You take a bus to the airport. And when somebody asks “do you have a car?” you look at them like they just came from space. A car? In Montreal? They must be crazy.

Bike lanes are multiplying. A new rail line is in the works. In Montreal, owning a car has never made such little sense. At Transit, we wanted to make life even easier for car-free commuters. Today we are, with one more mobility option: Téo!

Bonjour electric taxis, hailable from your phone. Don’t have Téo’s app installed? No problem: you can sign-up, request a ride, track it on the map, pay, and tip — all inside Transit (download here).

For those days your bus is late, the late nights when you’ve missed the last Métro,
or those afternoons when everyone on a BIXI looks like they’ve jumped into the Piscine Jarry
Transit 💚 Téo

Téo’s fleet of electric taxis help get you from a-to-b, carbon-free, while also making cities more liveable. Their drivers are employees, which means they get a fixed hourly salary (plus tips), paid leave, and annual vacations. And if you’re a customer? You get all of the perks of an ultramodern taxi fleet, at the price of a regular taxi:

  • Clean cars
  • Friendly, professional drivers
  • Backseat USB chargers
  • And FREE in-ride WiFi…….. your move, Air Canada 😉

Perhaps most importantly, Téo is 100% homegrown Montréal and ⚡️100% electric.âš¡

Want to impress your date with a sporty, carbon-free Elon-mobile? For airport trips, you can compare ETAs between Téo Teslas and other electric car models. Make your choice, hail, and pay… all inside Transit.
Hot Damn: Native Hailing

No “deep linking.” No app switching. You can use Transit for more than just comparing ETAs across modes (public transit vs. Téo). You can actually sign-up and hail a ride — without ever leaving our app.

Which is convenient. But why is it important?

Cities are in the midst of a mobility renaissance. New services are popping up every day. From sexy electric taxi fleets, to dockless bikeshare companies, to the new (and soon-to-be everywhere) advent of electric scooters. While before, you could count the number of ways to get home on one hand — bike? metro? taxi? — now it’s not so easy. We want to make sure you can employ all your options, immediately, without the pain of having to download and sign-up for dozens of apps and accounts.

One app. A super easy way to discover, sign-up, and get going. Because we know our users are smart: they DO see all those crazy-colourful mobility machines, scooting around town. But maybe, they haven’t found a reason to try them. With our integration we’ve made trying easier. And trying often turns into using — a lot. The more mobility services we can popularize in our beautiful hometown, the less dependent on personal vehicles we all become.

And isn’t that the dream?

It’s never been so easy to say héééo to Téo 👋🚖💚
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