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The Hogwarts Express Now Actually Runs in London

You’ve seen it in books and movies, but you’ve never actually ridden on it. Until now.

May 6, 2015

Muggles of London:
Transit App Now Supports the Hogwarts Express

Greetings from the colonies!

This Friday, prepare to have your wildest childhood dreams come true.

No, not your dreams of playing striker for Arsenal. But if you live in London, you will now be able to take the Hogwarts Express.

On May 8th at 11am, the train will stop at Platform 9¾ to pick up Muggle passengers — for the first time ever.

Don’t believe us? If you are near King’s Cross Station (or if you look up “King’s Cross” in the Transit App search bar), you can watch as it comes, every Friday morning. It has one stop, and one stop only: Hogwarts Castle.

You can track the train’s comings and goings on our app, which is used by millions of Muggles to make traveling through the city easier. From your current location, we present upcoming departure times for tube, bus, tram, rail, and ferry routes — no taps required.

And for those afraid of motors, you can even see how many Boris Bikes are parked at each station!

Our quick and nifty little app was chosen by the Ministry of Magic over several heavyweight contenders. In fact, the Right Honourable Minister of Magic was so pleased, he announced his plans in our latest release notes:

Perhaps this was just flagrant politicking for Broomswatch’s re-election campaign. At any rate, we’re happy to have him on our side!

The Hogwarts Express marks our first foray into the booming sector of magical transport. Between flying cars, invisible buses, portkeys, Apparitions, and floo powder, magical transport is the transport of the future (watch out, Elon).

So delay no further! Be one of the first Muggles to visit Hogwarts!

Download Transit App for free on iOS and Android

(We also support non-magical transport in over 90 cities.)

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