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New Zealand finally gets Transit

Better real-time data for local buses and trains. An interface that doesn’t make you want to claw out your corneas. Meet Transit.

February 18, 2019

Our in-house New Zealand expert gave us a tip before announcing our nationwide launch: “if you make a Peter Jackson reference, I’m quitting.”

So we chucked our Tolkien in the rubbish and stabbed our rugby balls to death and beggared our ambassador for an embargo on kiwi (both kinds) in the hopes of inoculating our blog post from cliché and/or gratuitous cultural reference-dropping. How are we doing so far?

Hi. We’re Transit. 👋📱

If you’re a New Zealander who rides the bus or train this will be a pertinent post. Our app Transit is the choice of commuters in 175+ cities. Millions of them use Transit to get real-time ETAs, service disruptions, step-by-step directions, schedules, and to find/hail/pay for ridehail, bikeshare, carshare and public transport.

It’s the most powerful app for car-free commuting in North America, Europe, and Australia. Now it’s available in your rugged Pacific paradise — starting with Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Timaru, and Wellington.

Let’s dig in.

Download for iOS + Android here.

Public transport

It’s maddeningly simple to find your bus with Transit. Right on launch, we’ll show you real-time ETAs for nearby transport lines. No need to type in a stop number, or enter your address on Google Maps.

Tap on a line, and we’ll give you a list of upcoming departures, a map showing you where your vehicle is, a stop list, and service alerts— in case your bus catches a flat, or takes a detour to Moscow.

What makes Transit really special though is GO, our step-by-step navigator. If you’re going somewhere unfamiliar we’ll send you a “leave now” notification (synced up to your vehicle’s real-time position) and update you when it’s time to transfer, or disembark.

If you’re riding with GO ‘s real-time navigator, you’ll get extra warm fuzzies for sharing your bus location with other riders —it will improve the real-time quality for everyone down the line. And it’s 100% opt-in, just like Waze.

We’re currently using real-time data supplied by agencies in Auckland, Christchurch, Timaru, and Wellington, where we’ve freed riders stuck with Metlink’s Stone Age in-house app. We’re also the official transport app of Hamilton (with Busit 🚍) and Tauranga (with Baybus 🛶), working directly with those systems to ensure riders have the best data possible.

We have all sorts of tricks up our sleeve. If you’re a transit agency person in another city — feel free to holler & find out how we can improve your rider experience!


Public transport is our bread, our butter. Our cream cheese. Our Marmite. But sometimes it’s 3 AM and the buses aren’t running and wouldn’t you know, you’re craving smoked salmon. That’s why we recently integrated Ola, our newest ridehailing partner. When you’re planning a trip in NZ, you’ll be able to see both Ola and Uber ride suggestions. In cities with rail-based transport, we’ll also help you find combined ridehail + rail trips to save you $$$, while cutting down on travel time.

Bikeshare and beyond.

Buses are cool. But do you know what’s cooler? Pedaling into the sunset, with the Pacific at your back. (And working off last night’s salmon bagel, too.)

At Transit we’ve helped popularize new modes like carshare, bikeshare, and electric scooters. They’re called “micromobility” and let you get from a-to-b without your own car. These shared vehicles reduce the need for personal vehicle ownership, are affordable, and are terrific complements to public transport — extending the range of where you can get to in a city.

We’re aggressively adding these micromobility services in our 175+ supported markets. As soon as data is available, we’re on the case. Micromobility is just kicking off in New Zealand — expect more here in the coming months!

All that and more surprises. Now in New Zealand. If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking Transit for a spin… here’s your chance!!! Feel free to kick around our blog if you want to find out more about what we do, how we do it, and all the crazy new features coming to a city near you 👇👀

Transit in New Zealand: free on iOS 🍏 & Android 👾
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