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Montrealers can now buy passes and unlock BIXI bikes with Transit

September 22, 2016


It’s 10:23pm. You’ve just hurtled out of the restaurant where you spent the last two hours contemplating “accidentally” stabbing yourself in the hand. Anything to stop your date’s ceaseless monologue about growing up in Chibougamau. You’re jogging toward the bus stop, and pull out your phone to check when the next bus arrives. Utter fail.

No bus coming for 28 minutes.

Out of the corner of your eye you glimpse the row of gleaming heavy-duty bicycles, all lined up and ready to go. And you thank your lucky stars that you use Transit because you know that you can instantly buy a pass, unlock a BIXI bike and be on your (not so) merry way.

Yes, Montreal. As of today, not only can you use Transit to espy your nearest BIXI station and check how many bikes are available, but you can now register and buy passes directly through the app.

Been standing at the stop for ten minutes wishing the bus would actually arrive when it says it will? Just grab a BIXI. For less than the cost of a metro ticket, you can hop on a bike and make a beeline for home. No more waiting behind tourists who speak neither French nor English and can’t seem to figure out if they’re supposed to leave their credit card in the machine or pull it out (a dozen or more times).

But it gets better. Once you’ve signed in on Transit, we won’t log you out. So you can buy passes with two taps (plus your CVV code), and even save them for later. With 5,200 bikes at 460 stations around Montreal, you’ll always be able to make a quick getaway.

How exactly does it work? Easily, that’s how.

  1. Launch Transit and tap on the BIXI card on the home screen, or the bike station pin on the map.
  2. Tap “Purchase Access Pass” (or “Sign In” if you already have a BIXI account)
  3. Enter your information and payment details
  4. Receive your unlock code, unlock the bike, and ride off into the sunset

It’s just one of the many ways Transit makes getting around in Montreal simpler than owning a car. And with the success of our five other North American deployments (sorry guys — Toronto was the first Canadian city) we’re certain that Transit users will be tapping for BIXI bikes in no time.

Finally, we have to give BIXI and 8D Technologies major kudos for making it easier than ever to grab a bike in Montreal. Would you expect anything less from North America’s bikesharing pioneers?

Ready to hop in the saddle? Download Transit for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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