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On Sunday, 100+ pop-up restaurants will open across Montreal.

Here’s where you can find them.

August 14, 2015

On Sunday, Restaurant Day is coming to Montreal. Pop-up restaurants with every type of food you can imagine — Polish, Japanese, Southern BBQ, Thai, Caribbean, French, Louisiana Creole and more — will be opening in neighbourhoods across the city. But only for one day!

You’ll be able to get stuff like:

  • One dollar iced-tea
  • Candied sweet potatoes with sesame
  • Asian-style ribs with apple sake, cucumber, shallots and BBQ sauce
  • Grilled home-made foccacia dough
  • Pork Wellington
  • Strawberry rhubarb ice cream

And more. The “restaurants” are being opened by homemade chefs and foodies (who have to buy a one-day permit) in all sorts of places: public parks, rooftops, even in people’s backyards! And now you can find all of their locations on Transit App.

The “R’s” mark the locations of restaurants on the map. Tap to learn more.

Restaurant Day started 3 years ago in Finland as a way for neighbours to share amazing homemade food with each other. It has since become a worldwide sensation, with Montreal becoming one of the largest participants — more than 6,500 attendees are expected to visit the 100+ pop-up restaurants!

We love food (and Montreal) so we wanted to get involved. Our team found all the restaurant addresses and (yep, you guessed it) put them into Transit App.

Whether you’re looking up restaurant locations or step-by-step directions, we’ve got you covered. Transit App is the simple and beautiful way to get around the city, with hundreds of thousands of Montrealers using it, and millions more in other cities.

Transit App helps you find when your next bus or metro is arriving. And (if your hunger needs an express line) you can use it to request an Uber or book a car2go.

We’re excited to sample all the great food that our neighbours are going to make! We hope you are too. Bon appétit.

Ready to eat? Download Transit App today for iOS and Android.
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