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The city where Santa doesn’t ride a sleigh

In Baltimore, Maryland — the old man takes the bus.

December 7, 2017

It’s not easy having a crew. Especially when your crew is reindeer. You have to house the crew, entertain the crew, feed the crew… just imagine all the oats, barley, berries and carrots that Santa goes through in a single year. All that — for just one night of labour.

So when Santa wants to relax, he ditches his reindeer. Takes a trip. Where to? The merriest city in America, of course: Baltimore, Maryland.

But Santa isn’t your usual tourist. He’s a transportation addict. When he’s not driving his reindeer around, gliding down glaciers on his toboggan, or vainly trying to impress Ms. Claus with sick snowmobile tricks — he gets anxious. Which is why, whenever he’s in Baltimore, he calls up Mr. Blitzen: an old friend at MDOT MTA. He has keys to the best vehicle in the city:

Welcome to Baltimore’s Holiday Bus. For two weeks a year, Santa treks around the city with the MDOT MTA’s friendliest elves — picking up passengers for free, dropping them off, and handing out artisanal arctic candy canes along the way.

But there’s only one Holiday Bus in all of Baltimore. And because Santa is big on surprises (as if you didn’t already know) he takes over a different bus route every day. So — how do you find where Santa is? With Transit of course.

MDOT MTA has kindly provided Transit with Santa’s real-time position. We’ve added him to our map in Baltimore so you can follow Santa along his trip:

With Transit, Baltimore’s transit agency is helping spread December merri-ment in Mary-land. With just a little bit of work , thousands of riders are able to learn about MDOT MTA’s Holiday Bus, track it, and board it. Transit agencies have always been festive, with Nostalgia Rides and Jingle Bell Expresses and epic Holiday Trains. Partnering with Transit can extend that magic feeling beyond the vehicle itself. Running your own holiday bus? All it takes is a simple email to our team to get it tracked. 🎁✍️🎅

It’s just one of the ways agencies are using Transit to delight their riders during the holidays — and beyond.

Rest easy knowing that Santa will be back to his usual, sleigh-riding self come Christmas Eve. But for those of you who want to catch an early sighting of the elusive, bearded giftbag benefactor, it’s never been easier.

Track Santa on Transit: available for iOS and Android

Are you a transit agency? Learn how we can make each ride a magic one.

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