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Transit agencies are now sponsoring Royale for a million riders

Thanks to our 100+ transit agency partners. And, of course, you.

April 19, 2023

Today we’re taking a break from our regular scheduled programming to say THANK YOU.

Chances are that in the last twenty(ish) months, if you’ve used Transit, you’ve been asked to subscribe to Royale.

If you haven’t? It’s because your local transit agency is brilliant — they’ve taken care of that for you. We’re proud to announce that today, more than 100 transit agencies sponsor Royale subscriptions for all of their riders. 

From San Francisco, to New Orleans… to Albuquerque… Nashville…Calgary… Columbus… to the entire state of Connecticut… more than a million active Transit riders now enjoy a sponsored Royale subscription from their local transit agency.

Thanks to them — and to individual supporters like you! — Transit is able to grow our team, invest in technical infrastructure, and maintain our monastic devotion to all things public transit. 

Moreover, with your help, we’re able to offer Royale to every single person who can’t afford a subscription, no questions asked. Half of our riders make under $30,000 a year — by subscribing, you’re not only supporting our team, making our app better, and scaling the paywall. You’re also giving somebody else a ladder. 

With your support, we’re able to fund real-time transit data improvements in 300+ cities , bring automatic detour detection to more transit systems, improve Transit’s offline support, help you combine transit with your trusty steed, and other projects that are already improving your commute — or will be soon. 

We created Royale because it pays Transit’s bills without putting us at odds with riders (or agencies): we refuse to run gross ads, sign icky partnerships, or peddle your cookies to Mark Zuckerberg in his trademark black leather trenchcoat.

With Royale we can focus on one thing, and one thing only: making the best app for getting around your city. For riders. For agencies.

For cars? For-get about it.

Thanks for supporting our team

Want to know if your transit agency is sponsoring Royale for all riders? Check the list here.
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