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Transit for Apple Watch

The app is back. Back on the back of your hand. ⌚️👀

December 3, 2019

Take off your mittens. Reach into your pocket. Enter passcode. Open app. Even though the routine is basic —subconscious, barely perceptible — it takes time. It’s a grating little bit of friction between your desire (when’s my ride coming? 🚍🚊) and fulfillment (getting that sweet, real-time ETA).

And, Lorde knows, if there’s a daily routine where the seconds matter, it’s catching public transportation.

Now with Transit on Apple Watch you can skip the second-sucking pocket fishing & mitten stripping. Just look at your hand! Wow.

This ain’t our first Apple Watch rodeo. But after a few neglected years on the “bug fix backburner”, we’ve brought our Watch app back by popular demand.

So many people were clamoring for its return. But then again, imagine…

There would be riots! OK, maybe not riots.

But it’s the subtle changes we take for granted that ultimately make transit (and life) much more convenient. And that’s what we’re busy doing at Transit: removing friction from transit payments, removing friction from transit directions, and, in this case, removing the pocket friction of needing to reach for your phone.

Your wrist has graduated from “flexible joint” to “mantel for Transit”.

That’s what we call progress!

Transit is now available for WatchOS. For instant access to departure times for nearby routes — on hand at all times — download Transit here.
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