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Transit in Europe gets more grandísimo

Our newest batch of cities is soo continental. Welcome Belgium 🇧🇪 + Netherlands 🇳🇱 + Luxembourg 🇱🇺 + Spain 🇪🇸. Or as we like to say, BeNeLuxSpa 💆‍♀️

February 11, 2021

The most cooperative triumverate in the history of countries, the Netherlands and Belgium and Luxembourg are not just models of unity… trade blocs… great tulip gardens… waffles… or flamboyant investment banker neckties. Their cities are quickly becoming car-free utopias.

Now our Benelux friends have a new friend. Spain!

Joining the legions of Transit’s 200+ supported cities, we’re welcoming every city in:

  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • Luxembourg

And some lucky locales in Spain, as well.

Whether you make your living amid the paella stalls of Valencia, the black beaches of Tenerife, the opulent plazas of Madrid, or the gaudy steeples of Barcelona…. you’ll now be able to enjoy all the fruits of Transit.

If you’ve used our app, you know what that means: all the bus, train, tram, and metro times 🍎, no taps required. More reliable trip planning 🥭, including bike/scooter/ridehail connections to transit. Disruption info 🍇. Step-by-step directions 🍒. More.

Transit is arriving just in time, supplying firepower to these countries as they double down in the war on cars. (Yes, it’s no longer just the Dutch and their vintage Gazelles taking a stand for safe streets! 🚲)

These countries are outsmarting Europe’s institutional car addiction, with a multi-pronged bombardment:
Photo: Charl van Rooy, Unsplash
Photo: Robert Tjalondo, Unsplash

And now: enter Transit

It’s your classic “meet cute” scenario. Four countries with mucho political momentum in the war on cars. The right data policies. A vibrant ecosystem of mobility companies and transport systems. But… no Transit.

Today, that changes: Europe built many of the world’s most beautiful cities. Ones designed to serve the needs of people — not cars. As Europe’s cities collectively quit their car addiction, and commit to a car-free transport future, we’re ready to bring back all that streetside beauty.

Wherever you are in BeNeLux(Spa), we’ll show you how 🚲+🚍+🚊+🚋+🛴 can beat 🚘, every time.

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