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Transit launches partnership with Bytemark to bring mobile ticketing to wider audience

New partnership begins with successful deployment of Bytemark’s mobility solutions and Transit’s widely adopted all-in-one app experience

May 15, 2021

Bytemark, an industry leader in transit fare payments solutions, and Transit, North America’s most popular “Mobility-as-a-Service” app for trip planning and real-time transit info, have partnered to deploy Bytemark mobile ticketing in the Transit app. 

With Bytemark’s powerful fare payment platform and Transit‘s top-rated user experience, transit agencies can now deliver one best-of-breed mobile app for trip planning, real-time tracking, fare payment and multimodal connections to riders. 

With this successful deployment news, Transit and Bytemark are working together closely to bring this integration to cities from coast to coast and extend the reach of seamless mobility for transit operators of all sizes. 

One of the central focuses of Mobility-as-a Service for both agencies and riders is flexibility. With this offering, Bytemark extends the scope of its Plan, Book & Payâ„¢ account-based platform, Bytemark Bridge. Through this partnership with the customer-facing Transit app, the company offers an additional sales channel, enabling greater personalization and optimization of the travel experience, a goal of so many of the company’s agency partners. 

“Our partnership with Transit allows us to introduce mobile ticketing to an existing audience of riders who might not have been aware the option exists,” said Eric Reese, Chief Executive Officer at Bytemark. “Riders can buy and use a ticket in the same app they’re already using to track their bus. In the end, the goal is to make travel and payments frictionless for riders, and that’s really what this does.” 

When a rider creates an account, Transit securely stores the user’s information and facilitates the payment using Bytemark’s application programming interface. The app then displays Bytemark’s visually verifiable tickets. If riders already have a Bytemark mobile ticketing account, they can sign in and use their saved information, all from within the Transit app. With Transit, users can also seamlessly access connecting mobility services, like bikeshare and scooters, that also support payments in the app. 

“Bringing Bytemark’s fare payment solution into Transit will make life easier for riders and transit agencies alike,” said David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit. “Passengers already rely on Transit for trip planning, real-time tracking, step-by-step navigation, and more. By adding Bytemark fare payment to the app, passengers get a true Mobility-as-a-Service experience, with everything they need in one place – and agencies can rest easy knowing they have world-class partners on their team.”

The Transit integration can be used in conjunction with other Bytemark offerings, including handheld validation, reporting, web ticket sales and back office solutions.

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