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VIA, Transit and Masabi partner to launch goMobile+ ticketing

Improved contactless solution now available in Transit and goMobile+ apps

August 25, 2021

VIA Metropolitan Transit announced the launch of its improved VIA goMobile+ mobile fare payment system in partnership with Masabi and the Transit app. Riders will be able to purchase mobile fares anytime, anywhere, using either the new goMobile+ app or Transit, which combines real-time trip planning with payment in the app thousands of VIA riders use every month. 

Riders can visit any VIA Transit Center and use cash or card to buy mobile tickets or add funds to their account to be used in the goMobile+ or Transit apps. And later this year, the app will integrate expanded payment options that will allow users to load value onto the app with cash at hundreds of local retailers. 

With the Transit app, VIA customers have access to an all-in-one experience that combines mobile ticketing with trip planning, real-time tracking, and connections to first-mile/last-mile services. VIA’s mobile ticketing functionality is powered by Masabi’s Justride platform. 

By making mobile ticketing available in two applications, VIA is ensuring its riders have options and flexibility around fare payments for trips on any VIA service, including its buses, VIA Link, VIAtrans (paratransit service), and Special Event Service.

Quotes from Transit, VIA Metropolitan Transit and Masabi

“We make riding public transit as simple and stress-free as possible,” said David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit. “VIA riders already rely on Transit to plan their next trip and track their ride in real time. By integrating goMobile+ ticketing into Transit, VIA is giving riders everything they need in one place.”

“VIA is committed to bringing modern technology and payment options to our customers by introducing ticketing in goMobile+ and Transit app,” said VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt. “In doing so, we are providing the best technology platforms that will enable our customers to plan and pay for multi-modal trips in San Antonio. And with both apps allowing the use of credit card or cash payments, we are offering more solutions to help connect our customers with work, school, shopping and more.”

“The key to successfully modernizing public transit lies in maintaining its discoverability, accessibility and equity,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi. “Simplifying the process of boarding and payment for public transit increases the appeal and utility to those using it, while creating a more efficient service with shorter dwell times and quicker journeys. We’re delighted to be working with VIA alongside our partners at Transit to help improve the experience for riders in San Antonio.”

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