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February 2024
Blizzard alerts. Plus: more darned icons

When mild weather turns wild? Our team’s now on the case.

December 2023
What we really want this year

Our wish? Cities with bus lanes, pedestrian streets, and trains that arrive so often there’s no time to feel bad about the one you just missed.

October 2023
How we started counting New York’s subway rats

The kids are back in school. And the rats are back in the subway. Nature is taking its course.

July 2023
Rescuing Dublin from its bus app imbroglio & two big new Royale partners

We’ll now send you a push notification ahead of holiday service changes. Oh, and guess who came to Dublin!

May 2023
Move over, Franklin: a bus revolution is coming

The average speed of a city bus is under 10 mph. What’s to blame? Serpentine routes. Streets choked with cars. It’s time for an overhaul.

March 2023
How to suss a detoured bus

We’ve launched an automatic bus detector: one that automatically reroutes you when your stop’s been moved.

December 2022
Where do Transit riders go over the holidays?

The stockings are set. The noisemakers are locked and loaded. 

October 2022
Move over, agencies are gobble-gobblin’ rider feedback

Wild turkeys suppress a gleeful gobble as they cross the border into Quebec as they escape the gravy-laden horrors of American Thanksgiving.

August 2022
Transit turns 10 + our new API

Happy birthday to us! Instead of asking for presents, we decided to give one away instead.

June 2022
Your city’s Rate-My-Ride report card

Super exciting times here at Transit HQ. The office BBQ is back in action. The air is sweet with lilacs. Our Slack is bumpin’ with baby pics.

March 2022
Schedule changes + driver hiring spreee

The spell has broken. The cold is over. Grandmaster Frost is on his last legs.

December 2021
2021: that’s a wrap!

Along with you (and everyone else) we’re asking Santa Claus for bus drivers this year.

October 2021
Better departure times for your city

Fall is here and you know what that means: we bought pumpkin spice lattes and regretted it we’ve revamped how departure times are calculated in the app!

August 2021
Buttigeg agrees: transit needs data standards

Our friends at USDOT recently announced that the lack of data standards is one of the biggest issues facing smart cities and urban transportation.

May 2021
The seeds for a post-pandemic ridership BOOM

Hellooooo sweet nectar of the naiads! Immunological bliss! The vaccine rollout here in Québec is rollin’ along with aplomb.

April 2021
Biden: show bus the money!

Last week, “Amtrak Joe” revealed an early draft of his $2T infrastructure plan. It includes a doubling of public transit funding.

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